FIU To Use Kickstarter To Fund Operational Budget

In a shocking announcement from the head of the FIU financials department, the university will no longer charge any tuition. Instead, FIU will fund its entire operational budget via the website Kickstarter.

Some early critiques have assessed the plan as Continue Reading »


Artwork On MMC Campus To Be Censored

In a drastic motion that has FIU Art students and art aficionados outraged, the Board of Trustees (BOT) have decided to censor or remove all artwork they deem to be offensive on FIU’s Modesto Madique Campus. Beginning in Spring 2012, this official Chapter 100 University-Wide Governance and Guidance Regulation will be put in effect. The new university-wide regulation was decided during a recent BOT committee meeting in which the definition for acceptable on-campus art was changed drastically.

The new definition seems to focus on artwork that has any resemblance to or even hints toward a phallus. A glance at the BOT’s wording in their official statement shows their clear Continue Reading »


Student Wears Bag Over Head To Avoid Old Friends

What would seem to be a joy to most students, going to school with dozens of people you know, is turning out to be a nightmare for one student in particular. Jason Murray, a Sophomore at FIU has taken to wearing a brown paper bag over his head to avoid being seen by those who would consider him an old friend.

“I just can’t take this anymore,” said Jason, “Half my Continue Reading »


Serious Talk – Question #2

Dear Shunder,

My girlfriend she wants to have a “serious talk”. I’m not sure what that means and I’m scared that she wants to break up with me. What should I do?

From Scared and Confused

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